Ampere+ brings large-scale industrial energy storage systems to the Estonian market

September 17, 2023

The shift away from fossil fuels and the increase in the proportion of renewable energy is leading to a growing need for energy storage in the power grid. Energy storage systems can be used to store excess energy produced from renewable sources, such as solar panels and wind, thereby promoting the use of clean renewable energy.

So far, Ampere+ has offered storage systems for home users, but now large-scale systems have been added to the range, which are better suited for industrial and commercial use. "The changing energy market and the associated green transition requires balancing storage technology," said Ampere+ CEO Arkadi Beinenson. "The adoption of large-scale energy storage helps solve several bottlenecks for Estonian companies, such as more optimal use of renewable energy and timed selling, peak load compensation without increasing network capacity, and of course, ensuring energy independence and energy security," Beinenson added.

By connecting standard-sized 129 kWh+ and 1 MWh+ modules together or in series, a company can create an energy system that meets its needs. Large-scale storage systems are suitable, for example, for existing renewable energy production units, industries with high energy consumption, agricultural sector companies, and naturally also for systems vulnerable to power outages.

Industrial energy storages have become increasingly necessary in the Estonian market for several important reasons. Arkadi Beinenson highlights the main reasons: "Firstly, they allow for efficient use of solar energy, storing the excess power produced during daylight hours for use during peak demand periods or when there is little solar energy."

In addition, the storage system contributes to the health of the entire power grid. "Secondly, these energy storage systems increase network stability and reliability, regulate load fluctuations, and provide backup power in off-grid situations, thereby reducing the strain on the existing electricity infrastructure," he added.

Naturally, industrial energy storage solutions offer a reliable power source in remote or network-deficient areas, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of commercial and industrial facilities. "2022 clearly showed us that there are several problematic areas in Estonia, where there is constant fluctuation of electricity or long-term outages. For example, in the region of the Estonian islands. The Ampere+ team has done everything to ensure that Estonian companies and also home consumers do not have to face similar problems this year," said Beinenson.

Ampere+ is committed to delivering reliable and efficient energy storage solutions that meet the demands of the Estonian market. The company's products are known for their smooth integration, user-friendly features, and exceptional performance.

Both the CESS 129 kWh+ business solutions and the BESS 1 MWh+ commercial and industrial storage solutions are now available on the Estonian market. For more information, contact or visit

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